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YouTube Empowers Agencies To Shut Down Activist Accounts

It was recently announced that Google, YouTube’s parent company, had given roughly 200 people and organizations the ability to “flag” at least 20 YouTube videos at once to be reviewed for having violated the site’s guidelines. It seems one of their first targets has

Prison Reform And Legalization Efforts Gain Momentum

The conversation about decriminalization and legalization of cannabis continues to flourish in many places of the world. The increased acceptance of the “drug” can be associated with the increase in the prevalence of states and countries to move toward decriminalization and the ever-mounting evidence

NSA Uses Fake Facebook To Spread Malware

As our privacy continues to be invaded by the out-of-control NSA, more details continue to surface about their questionable actions. Released by Edward Snowden, a new report reveals that the agency has repeatedly posed as Facebook in order to install malware capable of spying on

Judges Exposed In “Kids for Cash” Scandal

In February of this year, director Robert May released a documentary called “Kids for Cash”, which profiles the former Pennsylvania juvenile court judge who was arrested and convicted for taking kickbacks from a for-profit detention center in exchange for providing a steady stream of

Assassinations Of Environmentalists Have Doubled In Last 10 Years

Attacks and assassinations against environmental activists over the last decade have doubled, with the majority of attacks occurring in Brazil, Cambodia, and the Philippines, among others. For those who engage in the activity of environmental protection and activism, the risk of violence against their

Government Corruption: The Habit Of Denying And Covering Up

The United States government has had its fair share of bad press over the years, they aren’t new to being accused of corruption, having committed outrageously unjust acts against innocent and most often peaceful individuals, take Waco, Ruby Ridge, Philadelphia, Kent State, and the

Chinese One-Child Policy Fuels Baby Trafficking

The Chinese Ministry of Public Security announced that 382 abducted Chinese babies have been rescued by the police.  On Feb 19th the police launched an operation in Beijing and Jiangsu, based on last year’s finding of at least four websites which were found to

Questions Abound Over FBI Killing of Man Linked To Boston Bomber

The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) has yet to offer a sound explanation regarding the death of Ibragim Todashev which occurred last May. Todashev was supposedly close friends with one of the men accused of the Boston bombings, and the FBI allegedly murdered the

Italy Plans Release Of 10k Prisoners After Overturning Controversial Marijuana Law

On February 12th, Italy’s constitutional court struck down a 2006 law which categorized marijuana the same as heroin and cocaine and thus tripled the prison sentence of those caught with marijuana. The court ruled that the law was “illegitimate,” without much other elaboration.  The

Canada To Consider Lighter Approach On Pot Legislation

The Conservative government in Canada is looking at potentially changing  its current draconian-drug policy, toying with the alternative of allowing police officers to issue tickets to people who are caught with small amounts of marijuana rather than arrest and jail them. Justice Minister Peter