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Zero-Calorie Fat Substitute Shown To Remove Toxins From The Body

According to a new study that was conducted by the University of Cincinnati, Olestra – a zero-calorie substitute found in low-calorie snack food – has been shown to cause body toxins to dip. The clinic trial investigated the common snack food ingredient and Olestra

Snipers Surround Rancher’s Property Over Refusal To Pay Grazing Fees

Cliven Bundy, a rancher in Clark County, Nev., has been engaged in a long and strenuous court battle with the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) over his stance in refusing to pay fees for the right to graze on a ranch property that has

Caving To Corporate Pressure, The EPA Allows More Poison On Crops

In a move which contradicts any stance held under the guise of  being concerned for the safety of the American consumer, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) raised the permitted tolerance levels of glyphosate residue that can be found on fruits and vegetables in the

The Importance of Water

Water, making up approximately 60% of our weight and is central to catalysing both digestion and neutralization of otherwise toxic compounds, is a far more important factor in tomorrow’s global security than oil. Human societies can exist separate from oil, but nothing on this planet

The Benefits of Beer And the Risk of BBQ

How you grill your meat may play a big part on your health in the long run. If you use a charcoal or wood-burning barbeque grill, and you constantly grill your meat at high temperatures, you run the risk of your meat forming two

Man Detained In Psychiatric Ward For Giving Out Hundreds Of Dollars To Strangers

Officials in Halifax, Canada, have detained a man because he had been giving away money to strangers. Richard Wright had been vacationing in the city and decided to spend some of his time giving away various amounts of money to strangers on the street.

Judge Rules Living Off The Grid To Be Illegal

From starting home gardens, to collecting rainwater, there are many small and big ways that people have been making changes in their life, in an effort to save money, live more environmentally friendly, and to supply themselves with their daily needs. Unfortunately, one judge

3rd Grader Raises Over $25,000 To Fund School Lunches

8-year-old Cayden Taipalus, a 3rd grade student at Howell Public School District, jumped into action to raise money for fellow classmates, after they were refused hot lunches because of overdue account balances. The school’s policy was to allow the students to go at least

US Geological Survey Finds Roundup In 75% of Water Samples

Not many companies can polarize the opinion with more raw efficiency than the “evil” biotechnology, multinational corporation: Monsanto. It seems we may have to worry about Monsanto in other places than just on our dinner plate. A new U.S. Geological Survey study has concluded that pesticides can

Chick-Fil-A Making The Transition To Antibiotic-Free Chicken

Prominent food blogger and activist, Vani Hari, has been in contact with Chick-fil-A representatives, and along with her army of supporters has persuaded them to switch to antibiotic-free meat. The move toward healthier meat is one individuals are making all over the world, and not