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The Benefits of Beer And the Risk of BBQ

How you grill your meat may play a big part on your health in the long run. If you use a charcoal or wood-burning barbeque grill, and you constantly grill your meat at high temperatures, you run the risk of your meat forming two

Harvard Links Developmental Problems To Increasing Chemical Use

According to the Harvard School of Public Health (HSPS) and the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai, toxic chemicals are likely triggering the recent increases in neurodevelopmental disabilities seen among children — such as autism, attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder, and dyslexia. Whereas the rise

Harmful Azodicarbonamide Plastic Found At Many Fast Food Places

A recent online petition circulated educating consumers of the dangers of a chemical used in Subway’s bread known as called Azodicarbonamide. The petition quickly gained tens of thousands of signatures and prompted the company to indicate that they would stop using the ingredient in

“Natural” Ingredients Fresh Out Of The Lab

There is a variety of false advertising within the market today, with the desperate attempt of trying to persuade consumers to purchase items which they think are good or healthy for them. For products that contain growth hormones and harmful antibiotics, they can still

Monsanto Plant Construction Halted In Argentina

The construction of a new Monsanto plant in the municipality of Malvinas Argentinas, located in central Cordoba Province . The plant has been ruled unconstitutional by a labor appeals court, and has consequently been halted. The labor appeals court, a three judge court, ruled in

Monsanto Pesticides To Blame For Birth Defects In Argentina

Argentina has become one of the worlds largest soybean producers, with the majority of its crops being majorly composed of genetically modified organisms (GMOs). Agrochemical spraying in the country has mushroomed over the last several years, in 1990 roughly 9 million gallons of argochemical spraying

Ketones, Cancer, and Eating Right

The Importance of Ketosis The ketogenic diet goes against conventional wisdom asserting that we should consume a diet that is high in carbohydrates, and instead recommends a system based on the idea of putting the body in a state of “ketosis”. Ketosis is defined

Global GMO Protest: Thousands March Against Monsanto

Thousands of activists took to the streets this weekend to protest their discontent with, and to bring attention to, the possible dangers posed by genetically modified food and the food companies that produce it. Hundreds of rallies took place all over the US and

Monsanto’s Controversial Past

Monsanto Company is an American multinational agricultural biotechnology corporation. It is a leading producer of genetically engineered seeds and of the herbicide glyphosate, a chemical substance used to destroy or inhibit the growth of plants, which it markets under the Roundup brand. The information

The Question Of Circumcision

Male circumcision is one of the oldest and most common surgical procedures known, traditionally undertaken as a mark of cultural identity or religious importance, and it is the most common surgical procedure performed on newborns in the United States. However, there is a growing