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Chinese Bystanders Attack Police Following Murder of Street Vendor

There has been yet another display of police brutality in China, followed by the reaction of Chinese citizens taking justice into their own hands.  On April 19th, a group of “chengguan”, China’s publicly despised municipal police/state inspectors, were seen harassing a street vendor in Wenzhou

China 10X Beyond Safe Limits: Out Of Control Pollution

Earlier this year saw reports of China using giant LED screens to broadcast the rising of the sun for it’s citizens who can’t even see the sunrise due to the massive amounts of smog in the air. Last month Chinese officials released a report

Why China “Needs” To Hold Tibet

Oftentimes China is discussed in terms of economic growth or its military expansion in the region. Occasionally news about their environmental problems, including the fact that 28,000 of 50,000 Chinese rivers have disappeared on their maps over the last decade. We also occasionally hear

Assassinations Of Environmentalists Have Doubled In Last 10 Years

Attacks and assassinations against environmental activists over the last decade have doubled, with the majority of attacks occurring in Brazil, Cambodia, and the Philippines, among others. For those who engage in the activity of environmental protection and activism, the risk of violence against their

Chinese One-Child Policy Fuels Baby Trafficking

The Chinese Ministry of Public Security announced that 382 abducted Chinese babies have been rescued by the police.  On Feb 19th the police launched an operation in Beijing and Jiangsu, based on last year’s finding of at least four websites which were found to

China Extends Its Reach: Imposing New Air Defense Zone

Tensions between the US and China are being strained further, following warning from the Pentagon which slammed the nation for deciding to impose new rules on the air space over the East China sea, accusing the nation of making efforts to “alter the status

Taiwan Special Forces Unveil Scary New Look

With the increase toward further “security” and consequential police militarization, law enforcement officers have recently more often resembled soldiers or stormtroopers instead of the peace keepers that the people of their communities, or nation, would expect them to be. With the ever expanding usage

Bear Bile Farming Continues in Asia

Bear bile has been used in traditional Chinese medicine for decades. Asiatic black bears are farmed for their bile in Vietnam, China, South Korea and Laos. The bears are kept in small cages, and stuck with long hollow needles to pump out and extract

Should Prostitution Be A Crime?

Prostitution has been around for centuries, it is often referred to as the oldest profession. Although prostitution is prohibited in most jurisdictions, the profession continues to be highly prevalent all over the world. The punishment or acceptance varies widely from country to country. For

China: Recycle Bottles For Transit Fare

Plastic recycling is the method of reprocessing material into resources for new, more useful products, sometimes something that is completely different from its original form or state. The US alone consumes 1500 plastic water bottles every second. And the constant consumption and flow of