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Dinner With Monsanto

Go on, type in ‘Monsanto’ on any search engine and you will soon be plunged into a world of differing and conflicting views and into the vortex of, arguably, the most controversial multinational corporation in the modern world. Some search results that stand out

Half Million People Believe Hoax Microchipping Story

The Top Information Post website recently published a fearmongering article titled “All European newborn Babies will be Microchipped from May 2014″.  Although the article only consists of 4 short paragraphs, with no source, the story went viral: in 2 days the article was shared

U.S. Security Officials Insist Snowden Is Russian Spy

A U.S. Congressmen revealed on NBC Sunday that an investigation is underway to determine whether Edward Snowden was aided by Russia in the theft of top-secret U.S. National Security Agency files. Rep. Mike Rogers (R-Mich.), chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, publicly stated that

Hacked Webcams, And The “Rise of Cyber-Terrorism”

Some of us have been covering up our webcams, and other computer and laptop cameras for ages, fueled by the paranoid thought of being watched by an unknown party. Some individuals however have no worries or suspicions, and see no need to cover up

HAARP Geo-physical Weaponry Theory

The High Frequency Active Auroral Research Project(HAARP), known for it’s Ionospheric Research Instrument(IRI), is a High Frequency(HF) antenna array using radio transmission as a manner of heating atmospheric layers. With it’s 18 different instruments HAARP performs ionospheric research by means of transmitting and receiving

The Fight For Real Media

Corporate run media is crumbling right before the panicked eyes of the current power structures. Whitewash journalism, and its lies, are finally backfiring and causing a healthy increase in the alternative media’s audience. 77% of Americans distrust the mainstream media, according to the most recent

Plastic Bottle Warning: Do Not Refill?

Many plastic water bottles and containers have a ‘Do Not Refill’ message printed somewhere on the label. This warning is not there due to the widely spread idea that chemicals from the plastic will leach back into your beverage, but for the sanitary reason

Manning’s Guilty Verdict, What Does This Mean For Our Future?

Bradley/Chelsea Manning’s verdict is not guilty of aiding the enemy, but he is considered guilty of 20 out of 22 charges, including 6 counts of espionage. The total of his sentence could total 136  years claims Wikileaks .  His sentencing will only start tomorrow

Activists Mistake Wildlands Project Map for Agenda 21

This image is commonly mistaken as relating to Agenda 21. In actuality it comes from The Wildlands Project brought forth by the UN Convention on Biological Diversity Plan

Conspiranoia Versus Prospiracy – Daniel Pinchbeck

According to the prevailing narrative of conspiranoia, a secret society, descended from the Bavarian Illuminati, rules the world by invisible covenant and blood lines.