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NSA Uses Fake Facebook To Spread Malware

As our privacy continues to be invaded by the out-of-control NSA, more details continue to surface about their questionable actions. Released by Edward Snowden, a new report reveals that the agency has repeatedly posed as Facebook in order to install malware capable of spying on

Killer drone flight: Video of UK’s autonomous drone released

The UK’s BAE Systems have unveiled footage of the unmanned combat drone, Taranis, on its maiden flight. While it hails the drone – capable of self-selecting targets – as “inspiration for nation,” activists are urging to ban the use of its auto-kill mode. Defense

U.S. Security Officials Insist Snowden Is Russian Spy

A U.S. Congressmen revealed on NBC Sunday that an investigation is underway to determine whether Edward Snowden was aided by Russia in the theft of top-secret U.S. National Security Agency files. Rep. Mike Rogers (R-Mich.), chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, publicly stated that

Google Buying Up Robotics Companies

Google is looking to incorporate militarized robotic technology into their boundless web of internet surveillance (purportedly depersonalized and only used for market research, although they have given personal information to the government before). Although these companies have done extensive work for the military, the

Hooked On Spying: More Damning NSA Revelations

It seems that government officials can’t begin to justify one public relations disaster before falling head first into the next one. In the latest batch of damning revelations from the U.S. National Security Agency’s (NSA) spy program, PRISM,  it certainly seems as though things

NDAA Passed While Media Preoccupied With Robertson Controversy

Many people have been in a frenzy over the controversy of a certain popular reality show, but while this was going on, last Thursday, the US Senate passed the NDAA, National Defense Authorization Act.  The vote passed 84-15, with all of the nay votes

Could The PS4 Be Used to Spy on You?

Only a few years ago the announcement of a new video game system was a mostly innocently exciting event for kids and other gamers. The only people not so excited were the parents who would have to shell out some dough for their children,

Police Look To Criminalize Cannabis Odor

Colorado and Washington became the first states to pass referendums and legalize cannabis for recreational use. Federal legislation still exists which outlaws cannabis possession, but the Department of Justice has stated that they will not make cannabis-related arrests a priority. Proposition 64 in Colorado

Police Adopt Mini-Cameras To Film While On Duty

Around the United States, a growing list of botched raids, and instances of police abuse, have painted a less-than-appealing portrait of an ever more military minded police force, and has fueled the increasingly negative perception of the police officer  in general. The number of

Thousands Attend Global Million Mask March

Tens of thousands of individuals around the world have taken to the streets to participate in the Million Mask March which took place on November 5th. Supporters of the Anonymous hacker-activist group orchestrated rallies globally. The date coincides with Guy Fawkes Day, a day