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Government Corruption: The Habit Of Denying And Covering Up

The United States government has had its fair share of bad press over the years, they aren’t new to being accused of corruption, having committed outrageously unjust acts against innocent and most often peaceful individuals, take Waco, Ruby Ridge, Philadelphia, Kent State, and the

Tunisia Establishes Groundbreaking Democratic Constitution

In a victory for human rights,  Tunisia has successfully become more democratic than many Western countries have been for years with the recent passage of their historic Constitution, which is being hailed as progressive and monumental. The document guarantees equality between men and women,

Soldiers Lynch Suspected Rebel After Ceremony for National Unity

In a shockingly barbaric display, Central African Republican troops recently lynched a man who was suspected of belonging to the now-disbanded Seleka rebel group. The Seleka fighters, largely Muslim, overthrew the government in Bangui last year, ousting President Francois Bozize in March and leading

With The Public Distracted, Congress Agrees To Arm Syrian Rebels Again

While everyone was busy with Justin Bieber and other sensationalized media stories, Congressional lawmakers quietly authorized sending an assorted variety of rockets and financial backing to the rebels fighting in Syria’s civil war (yes, the same ones who previously pledged allegiance to Al Qaeda).

Harvard Develops Game-Changing Organic Battery

Rhubarb isn’t just good for baking pies. Michael J. Aziz and a team of researches at Harvard University have developed an organic non-metal flow battery that is nearly 97 per cent cheaper to make than batteries containing metal, and it’s environmentally friendly. The battery

Foreign Aid: Does It Really Help The People?

It is common to hear celebrities and politicians talk about, and promote the need for, foreign aid to “poor countries”, such as those in Africa and South America. This type of foreign aid comes from the government, provided by taxpayer dollars. The aid can

Violating Free Speech: School Bans Slang Words

Free speech has long been recognised as a common law right within Britain, and was incorporated as such by the Human Rights Act 1998. It also has statutory basis in Article 10 of the European Convention on Human Rights (ECHR). The ECHR provides the

Trouble With Israeli-Palestinian Peace Talks

Israeli and Palestinian peace talks were slated to begin on Wednesday , August 14th, when two Gaza sites were reportedly hit by Israeli warplanes. The peace talks were supposed to begin just hours after Israel released 26 Palestinian prisoners. This was just a day after

Manning’s Guilty Verdict, What Does This Mean For Our Future?

Bradley/Chelsea Manning’s verdict is not guilty of aiding the enemy, but he is considered guilty of 20 out of 22 charges, including 6 counts of espionage. The total of his sentence could total 136  years claims Wikileaks .  His sentencing will only start tomorrow

Activists Mistake Wildlands Project Map for Agenda 21

This image is commonly mistaken as relating to Agenda 21. In actuality it comes from The Wildlands Project brought forth by the UN Convention on Biological Diversity Plan