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Judge Rules Living Off The Grid To Be Illegal

From starting home gardens, to collecting rainwater, there are many small and big ways that people have been making changes in their life, in an effort to save money, live more environmentally friendly, and to supply themselves with their daily needs. Unfortunately, one judge

US Geological Survey Finds Roundup In 75% of Water Samples

Not many companies can polarize the opinion with more raw efficiency than the “evil” biotechnology, multinational corporation: Monsanto. It seems we may have to worry about Monsanto in other places than just on our dinner plate. A new U.S. Geological Survey study has concluded that pesticides can

Chick-Fil-A Making The Transition To Antibiotic-Free Chicken

Prominent food blogger and activist, Vani Hari, has been in contact with Chick-fil-A representatives, and along with her army of supporters has persuaded them to switch to antibiotic-free meat. The move toward healthier meat is one individuals are making all over the world, and not

Harmful Azodicarbonamide Plastic Found At Many Fast Food Places

A recent online petition circulated educating consumers of the dangers of a chemical used in Subway’s bread known as called Azodicarbonamide. The petition quickly gained tens of thousands of signatures and prompted the company to indicate that they would stop using the ingredient in

“Natural” Ingredients Fresh Out Of The Lab

There is a variety of false advertising within the market today, with the desperate attempt of trying to persuade consumers to purchase items which they think are good or healthy for them. For products that contain growth hormones and harmful antibiotics, they can still

5 GMO Myths Busted

“Every year, a greater and greater percentage of our food supply sources back to genetically modified ingredients. Monsanto, Dow, Bayer, DuPont and the other biotech giants have made GMOs into a multi-billion dollar industry and unsurprisingly have launched one of the largest PR campaigns

Ending Food Waste While Creating Jobs

Billions of tons worth of food is thrown in the garbage every year, the majority of it still edible. An increasing number of places have begun to offer food items to those in need at a very reasonable price: the items are given away

Hydroponics: 90% Less Water Than Conventional Farming

As more people continue to see the prices they pay for daily necessities rise faster than their paychecks, a growing number have become interested in the act of homesteading. It’s never a bad idea to think of different ways to cut back on the

Monsanto Plant Construction Halted In Argentina

The construction of a new Monsanto plant in the municipality of Malvinas Argentinas, located in central Cordoba Province . The plant has been ruled unconstitutional by a labor appeals court, and has consequently been halted. The labor appeals court, a three judge court, ruled in

Brazil May Approve GMO Terminator Seeds

“The seed, the source of life, the embodiment of our biological and cultural diversity, the link between the past and the future of evolution, the common property of past, present and future generations of farming communities who have been seed breeders, is today being